The Life Of Jonathan Gonzalez
Road To Success

My story begins in the begining when I was only 14 years old and I was inspired by life.

I wanted to do something with my life and I wanted to do YouTube. As you can tell it did'nt work out well for me. I also wanted to learn to code and work for one of the biggest company in the world. At the time I did'nt know that google was the biggest tech company in the world. Once I did a little reasearch I also noticed that google was the best place in the world to work. Soo! I continued life intil my senior year only knowing HTML, CSS and, java and not knowing what career to follow. I was enrolled in a health class where I was lucky enough to be a Intern at UCSD Hillcreast Health Stystem Hospital. This class drifted my focus of coding because it was so high demand on school work and actual hospital work. So I decided to become surgeon in the cadiology department. Turns out when I was asked my career choice I was foced to another department the medecine doctor. I decided to follow along and see where the path took me. Turnes out that even though I loved helping people I was not happy with the choice and I was only a year into the Internship. At this moment I decided that being a doctor was not my choice and it was not going to make me happy. My story is now passed along to all the interns that go through the Hilcreast program. The story that is being to goes somthing like this. Apperantly this is the path where you will decide if being in the medical field is right for you a one of the first interns that completed the programs decided to not follow the medical field because of a story he withnessed. Without going into details I withness the good and bad of what happeded durring the internship (every incoming intern was given hippa and non disclosure contracts to not tell details of the story.) This was the changing moment in my life when I decided I will follow my dream and do what I want I will become and coded and have big dreams I will work for google and nothing can stop me. So this is my current life going to school and finsing my degree to become and coder. No matter how long it takes sooner or later I will get a job at google.

Inspitation (not in order)

The last shout out goes to everyone in the world because if it wasnt for you I wouldnt of been so motivated to push foward and proff that I can acomplish anything I want.

  1. Life is alwalys better when you have a dream and a goal.
  2. Nothing can stop me
  3. I will reach the top either if I have to be currupt or not I will find a lucrative way to get my self where i need to be in order to accomplish my main goal.
    Give a better life to my MOM (I love you)

If anyone is reading this just know that I am learning to code and I am using this website to host my progress of what I am learning. I am not worried about grammar or other stuff I just want to code whatever makes the webstie look good of what I am currently learning. So don't take any of this serious.